How to manage the challenge of having contractors on site

Bringing contractors on site can result in a number of increased risks for your business, some of which can multiply further once they begin to subcontract these jobs out to other businesses. Most of the issues that can arise in these cases stem from a lack of control, which is why it’s important to seek out services designed to make it simple to keep track of people throughout a worksite.

Smartek is created with these concerns in mind, and merges the desire for control with the ease-of-use expected from modern technology systems. Because it’s cloud-based, there’s no difficult installation between you and a more efficient way to manage contractor compliance. Here are some of the features particularly relevant to businesses that regularly deal with a number of contractors:

Incident recording

The duty of care that companies must show their full-time employees also extends to the personnel they contract. For this reason, compliance management software has to have a reliable and in-depth option for tracking and recording any incidents that may occur. 

It’s possible to set up a range of different incident types to be logged through Smartek, so you don’t have to rely on the systems or processes of various contractors or subcontractors. Instead, they’re all united under one system, so there’s a standard reporting process for events like hazardous material spills. 


Relevant compliance documentation is a necessity for contractors across a range of industries, but it can also be an annoyance if it isn’t managed effectively. Some of the common issues with hiring contractors come from keeping track of the various permissions they need to be on site, operate machinery or deal with certain materials.

With the pre-qualification feature in Smartek, these permissions are held in the system to limit the amount of time spent dealing with physical documentation. If the same contractors come and go from a site regularly, having their documentation loaded into the system makes life easier for both parties. 

Site resource management 

Managing the number of contractors and sub-contractors on site at any one time is one of the main concerns for any business. If managers don’t know how many people are on site, it’s impossible to react properly during emergency drills or when actual incidents happen. 

Site resource management tracks not just the quantity of workers, but the number and types of equipment currently deployed as well, creating a perfect representation of what’s happening throughout a workplace. 

Managing contractors and the various obligations they bring is made much simpler with a software system designed with compliance in mind. To get more advice for hiring contractors, reach out to a member of the Smartek team today. 

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