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Slide Bringing your workforce up to speed! Inductions are a critical first step in onboarding new staff or contractors to any new environment or work method. Smartek makes the completion of required inductions part of your workforce compliances, as well as a platform to create and test knowledge. SMARTEK Inductions f d l d

All inclusive LSM

Smartek's induction module is a fully integrated feature rich LMS platform that supports SCORM training packages. Custom inductions can be created from within the module, or you can choose from hundreds of induction templates.

SCORM training packages

Custom inductions

Induction templates

All results validated

All results recorded

Induction configured as compliance

All inclusive LMS system

Everything you need to bring your workforce up to speed

SCORM supported

Smartek's induction module facilitates SCORM training packages

Full control

Set inductions as compliances


  • Monthly
  • $ 350
  • Includes Compliance Management, Site Access, and Induction modules

    • 150 staff
    • 5 sites
    • 6 inductions
    • Basic reporting & notifications
  • Monthly
  • $ 650
  • Includes Compliance Management, Site Access, and Induction modules

    • 300 staff
    • 20 sites
    • 21 inductions
    • Advanced reporting
  • Monthly
  • $ 950
  • Includes Compliance Management, Site Access, and Induction modules

    • 500 staff
    • 50 sites
    • 51 inductions
    • Customised reporting
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No. of general inductions
No. of site specific inductions
Total inductions completed


Make inductions mandatory

Create an induction that is mandatory for your workforce to access a site

Set frequency for recompletion

Create inductions that expire every monthly, yearly, or never

Change pass / fail rate

Have full control over the how results are measured

Complete via mobile app

Inductions can be completed on the go, or even right before entering a site