1. What is Smartek?

Smartek is a full-service cloud-based compliance and workforce management system designed to take the headache out of operational control. Not only does Smartek manage compliances, but it’s also a business management tool that offers access control, incident, and visitor/ personnel management, allowing for complete business transparency.

2. Who is Smartek for?

Smartek is a fully customisable system designed for large to medium businesses with a primary focus on workforce compliance. Smartek has a range of clients operating across various industries, all with specific requirements for operation. Whether your business needs compliance or one of our various other products, we are here to help.

3. What are the benefits of using Smartek?

Login through our app, or online, to access pre-qualified information about your workforce, providing management with a birds-eye view of operations. Our specialised team provides in-house vetting services ensuring any documentation uploaded onto the system is accurate and up to date. Smartek is truly a full-service system offering with a range of products calculated to save time, money, headache, and uphold your earned reputation… no more expired insurances, vaccinations, or fraudulent police checks.

4. How do I get started?

Send an email to hello@smartek.net.au or call 1300 238 724, from there your assigned account manager will set up your company profile and let you know what is required from your end. Once everything is setup, we handle the rest!

5. Can Smartek cater to a global business?

Absolutely, Smartek has the capacity to service any business size. Our divisions and locations features allow you to add multiple sites with different time zones and setup new users to oversee those locations.

In addition to this, the dashboard on your home page is customised to the site locations that you manage which means that reporting will be accurate and more importantly, relevant to you.

6. How can Smartek help me?

Designed to assist you in managing your workforce, Smartek at its core is a business management tool. Smartek provides a framework for you to manage employees, contractors and assets across locations, divisions and countries.

7. Where can I find information to troubleshoot myself?

There exists a help bar on your Smartek Dashboard that plays host to an index of helpful material, by entering key words you can track down solutions and find short videos that help you to use Smartek to your advantage.

8. What does Smartek cost?

Please refer to the pricing page on this website and you will see our bundle and standalone pricing. If you need more, we do custom quote our larger enterprise customers considering several factors such as the size of your workforce, modules required, and work required for the initial setup.

9. Can I trial Smartek?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide trials, but we do provide one on one demonstrations. If you want to know more about what we do and how we can help, book in a time with one of our sales representatives and they will gladly spend time with you to discuss features and options.