Slide Full control over plant and equipment Compliance isn't just reserved for your workforce, assets may be required to comply with certain rules and regulations. SMARTEK Asset

Schedule Required Maintenance

Seamlessly schedule work to your contractor database when required.

Apply Compliances to Assets

Plant and Equipment compliances easily managed and updated.

Birds Eye View

View the status of all your assets anywhere, any time.

Detailed control over
big and small!

Smartek offers a comprehensive asset management module, allowing for online control over equipment and plant assets. Manage service schedules and assign work to Smartek contractors all within a few clicks.

Manage maintenance schedules

Equipment compliances

Corrective action notifications

Schedule work to Smartek contractors

Plant compliances

Depreciation schedule

Real time data

Monitor equipment all over the world

Assets managed
Compliances available
Asset compliances used

Schedule Contractors

Need something fixed? A few clicks and you have scheduled the work

Expiry Notifications

Never let anything slip through the cracks

Reliable Data

Cloud hosting allows for reliable, real-time information

Custom Reporting

Asset management just became click easy