This Temporary License Addendum (“Addendum”) is governed by and incorporated into the System Agreement (the “Agreement”) between Customer and Barringtons. All capitalised terms not defined herein will have the same meanings given in the Agreement. 

1. Term 

This Addendum shall remain in effect during the relevant subscription term. This Addendum shall automatically be terminated upon termination of the System Agreement or the agreement between Contractor and the Customer. 

2. Grant of License 

In consideration of payment of the applicable fees, “Barringtons” hereby grants to the Customer’s Contractor/Client a non-exclusive, non-transferable license, and without any right to sub-license, to use the Smartek Equipment, Software, and Services: 

i. solely at the Customer Site(s) and on the Equipment; 

ii. solely for benefit of the Customer at its internal business operations within the Territory. 

iii. only for the purposes of using the Services; and 

iv. only in the manner prescribed by the Documentation, or in such other user documentation provided by Smartek from time to time. 

(a) Fees and Payment 

3.1 In consideration of the Services provided under this Addendum, “Barringtons” will invoice the Contractor as per the applicable pricing schedule. 

3.2 All fees payable by the contract company under this Addendum are GST exclusive. 

3.3 It is agreed that the fees cannot be increased during the initial year of the agreement. 

3.4 For Any renewal term the Contractor shall pay the applicable renewal fee as per the then-current pricing list. 

3. Terms and Conditions 

4.1 The Contractor’s/Client’s use of the Smartek Equipment, Software, and Services are subject to the terms and conditions of the System Agreement, EULA, and Terms of Use respectively. 

4.2 The collection, processing, and retention of any personal data or personal information are governed by the “Barringtons” Privacy Policy and Data Protection Addendum. 

4.3 This Addendum together with the referred documents in sections 4.1 & 4.2 above makes complete terms and conditions for the Contractors.