How Smartek software can manage contractor compliance

Every business leader knows exactly how important compliance is, and how critical it is for their organisation to have appropriate processes in place to ensure all rules and regulations are being consistently met. Even with this awareness, it can be difficult for a focus on compliance to trickle down throughout the rest of the business. A great example of this is contractors – a consistently problematic area for companies trying to maintain compliance while employing staff on a temporary or intermittent basis. 

To minimise the risks associated with non-compliant contractors, businesses can use the Smartek platform as an all-in-one tool to manage compliance processes and ensure all parties are protected.

The penalties for a safety breach can be severe.

The risks of non-compliant contractors

The biggest risk that comes with not being fully compliant is that an accident could occur in your workplace. If this does happen, and the appropriate measures are not in place, it’s far more likely that the incident will result in serious consequences. Aside from putting the health of your employees at risk the health of employees, such accidents can have a devastating impact on businesses. With a much stricter focus on WHS around Australia, the penalties for a safety breach can be severe, putting your organisation on the back foot and significantly affecting your bottom line through damage to reputation. 

While all businesses and contractors are aware of these risks, simply knowing about them doesn’t make it any easier to manage compliance. With temporary workers coming in and out of a business, there often just isn’t enough time to accurately monitor, update and manage every aspect of the process, especially if there’s confusion as to who is responsible for contractor compliance. Smartek provides a solution. 

Smartek: Software to manage contractor compliance

Smartek is designed to be as flexible as possible, meaning it can be tailored to the precise needs of your business. For organisations that make extensive use of contractors, Smartek includes all sorts of powerful functions to simplify compliance processes, with one of the most important being easy pre-qualification. 

Pre-qualification allows contractors to record compliance information in the Smartek system before accessing a job site. This ensures compliance is always up to date, and eliminates the need for documentation to be shown at every single visit. The gains your business can achieve via pre-qualification are significant, as you’ll be able to save time, money and improve productivity amongst contractors. 

Additional features of Smartek for contractors include a back office administration service, entrance control and cloud access, making the software a complete solution for any business looking to improve contractor compliance management. For more information, contact Smartek today.


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