Workforce compliance made click easy!

Smartek allows for custom control over workforce requirements and access control. Know with certainty that everyone on your site / facility meets your pre-determined compliance conditions.

Workforce Compliance


Site access

In-house compliance vetting

Module: Compliance Management

Smartek compliance management module provides full transparency over your staff, contractors, and sub-contractors with the ability to configure individual, company-wide, or site-specific compliances. Simply invite individuals to Smartek by inputting their email and track the pre-qualification of your entire workforce. Expiry reminders and a customisable live reporting dashboard allows for easy monitoring and management providing you with click easy insight into your operation.

Don’t want to handle the vetting of compliance documentation? Smartek can bring your compliance vetting in-house with a team of WHS experts employed to process the administration workload.

Module: Inductions

Smartek inductions provide a custom learning management experience to your workforce before entering your sites or facilities. The inductions can be configured as a compliance and must be completed before entry is granted. The induction can be completed via the Smartek mobile app prior to entry for seamless workflow.

A fully integrated feature-rich platform that supports SCORM training package, including custom inductions or choose from a range of induction templates.

Module: Site Access

A seamless digital check-in at your point of entry allows for complete security and compliance control over your workforce, as well as visitors. Green light the compliant and red light the non-compliant, or grant access to a denied individual via an override feature.

Visitors scan a QR code or check in via the Smartek app to gain access to a site or facility, bringing to attention denied requests and hours worked.

Bundle Pricing

What does Smartek cost?

  • Monthly (excl. GST)
  • $ 400
  • Includes: Compliance Management, Site Access, and Induction modules

    • 150 staff
    • 5 sites
    • 6 inductions
    • Advanced reporting
  • Monthly (excl. GST)
  • $ 700
  • Includes: Compliance Management, Site Access, and Induction modules

    • 300 staff
    • 20 sites
    • 21 inductions
    • Advanced reporting
  • Monthly (excl. GST)
  • $ 1050
  • Includes: Compliance Management, Site Access, and Induction modules

    • 500 staff
    • 50 sites
    • 51 inductions
    • Custom reporting
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