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Smartek allows for custom control over workforce requirements and access control. Know with certainty that everyone on your site meets your operational conditions.

Compliance Management

The Smartek Compliance Management module allows for custom compliance control over staff, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Simply invite your workforce with a unique invitation code, set compliances based on roles or locations, and report on your workforce compliance from your customisable reporting dashboard.

  • Expiry reminders
  • Live reporting dashboard
  • Custom compliances and forms
  • Categorise your workforce with customisable roles

Seamlessly bring your contractors up to speed with the Smartek Induction module. Upload SCORM supported files as part of your induction, and test knowledge retention of your workforce with Q&A.

  • SCORM supported
  • Q&A knowledge retention
  • Link inductions to specific locations, or company wide
Permit to work

Smartek’s Permit to work module transforms how organisations manage safety critical tasks. Engineered to be customisable, Smartek empowers your team to manage permits easily, reducing risks, and prioritising workplace safety.

  • Customisable permits with signature capability
  • Permit approval workflow
  • Permit history
  • Recorded chat log
  • Ability to export permits
  • Document/image uploads within permits
Site Access

A seamless NFC chip or QR code digital check-in at your facility or site allows for improved workforce and visitor transparency and security. The Smartek Site Access module checks compliances from the Compliance module and approves or denies individuals accordingly at your desired check-in point.

  • Track time in attendance
  • Digital visitor passes
  • Check compliances at point of entry
  • Quick inductions
Asset Management

Achieve full control over plant and equipment assets with Smartek Asset Management module. Big and small Smartek can manage it all.

  • Manage service and maintenance schedules
  • Store asset documents
  • Asset mapping
  • Assign work orders
  • Set approval limits
  • Set compliance requirements
  • Asset reporting/dashboard
  • Financial asset depreciation with alerts
In-house Vetting

Smartek vetting delivers a work funnel for reviewing compliance documentation uploaded by your workforce. Either review yourself, or alternatively, let Smartek’s in-house vetting team take the workload off your hands.

Great software is expected, great support is Smartek

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    "Smartek and the Team offers Qantas a reliable WHS compliance management system, which is easy to navigate for both ourselves and our suppliers. The Smartek system provides us with accurate, robust reporting capability, meeting the rigours of audit requirements with an ability to adapt, meeting our compliance standards in an everchanging market. Qantas’ relationship with the Smartek Team is positive and we will continue to work together long term, continually streamlining processes and improving our compliance results."

    Senior Safety Advisor Safety Programs
    Danielle Graham