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Smartek allows for custom control over workforce requirements and access control. Know with certainty that everyone on your site / facility meets your pre-determined compliance conditions.

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Site access

Asset management

Incident reporting

In-house compliance vetting

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    Bundle Pricing

    What does Smartek cost?

    • Monthly (excl. GST)
    • $ 350
    • Includes Compliance Management, Site Access, and Induction modules

      • 150 staff
      • 5 sites
      • 6 inductions
      • Basic reporting
    • Monthly (excl. GST)
    • $ 650
    • Includes Compliance Management, Site Access, and Induction modules

      • 300 staff
      • 20 sites
      • 21 inductions
      • Advanced reporting
    • Monthly (excl. GST)
    • $ 950
    • Includes Compliance Management, Site Access, and Induction modules

      • 500 staff
      • 50 sites
      • 51 inductions
      • Custom reporting
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    Smartek is an online system that can be easily used by NSLHD and contractors. It provides real time reports on compliance and inductions that can be made available to internal and external agencies, such as Workcover or for accreditation purposes. There are no on-going costs for NSLHD, and if other Local Health Districts implement Smartek, pre-existing services providers do not need to pay another fee to register. They only required to complete a site specific induction.

    Scott Anderson
    Manager Technical Support & Sustainability Capital Works & Project Planning Services

    Smartek provides assurance that ANSTO has a single point of reference & source of truth for compliance monitoring of contractors/vendors. This is critical to ANSTO given the nature of our operations and overall site conditions. Smartek is the central source of truth, is very flexible, expandable and can be configured to suit business requirements. The application has excellent reporting capabilities and is user friendly. We can establish very quickly the compliance levels of our contractors. The overall functionality of Smartek suits our business requirements and we are aware of expanded functionality that we have not utilised. The application is operating at the optimal level for my business.

    Grahame Batger
    Supply Chain Manager Business Operations & Systems

    Smartek has provided Eldercare with a highly effective and efficient Contractor Management System. Their professionalism and responsiveness to Eldercare’s needs have been excellent during these unprecedented times. Smartek offers industry leading systems which are customisable and easy to use. The customer service team provide solutions which not only mitigate risk but are innovative in a sector with strict compliance standards.

    Tony Pascoe
    Manager Procurement & Contracts

    City of Melbourne (CoM) has just extended the contract for Supplier Compliance Management Services with Barrington Group Australia (Barringtons) for the period of 2 years. The contract extension was granted in recognition of Barringtons having effectively provided the required services under this contract to the City of Melbourne. Barringtons have shown flexibility and a willingness to work on a number of continuous improvement actions, further developing their Smartek product to better cater for the evolving needs of the CoM procurement process.

    Paul Klebanowski
    Category Manager Finance & Procurement

    The capabilities of Smartek have far exceeded our expectations. The ability to gather all subcontractors, employee details and compliances (insurances, industry white card, plant operator tickets) has been a useful tool for tracking and auditing purposes. The reminders for compliance requests and licenses have reduced our overall level of risk on our sites. The system has given us the opportunity to add new compliances which each contractor has to update. The contractor and his employees are protected and safer because at any given time we know who is compliant and who isn’t on any one of our sites.

    Marty McCann
    Site Manager