Sky high contractor compliance

After the implementation of Smartek, Qantas has substantially increased their contractor compliance resulting in a prequalified workforce across multiple operational divisions.

Prequalified contractor workforce

Risk mitigation

Smartek in-house documentation vetting

204 locations managed

Module: Compliance Management

The Smartek compliance management module offers businesses the ability to control the compliance requirements for staff, contracted, and subcontracted employees. Pre-qualify your entire workforce before they arriving to your site or facility.

"Smartek and the Team offers Qantas a reliable WHS compliance management system, which is easy to navigate for both ourselves and our suppliers. The Smartek system provides us with accurate, robust reporting capability, meeting the rigours of audit requirements with an ability to adapt, meeting our compliance standards in an everchanging market. Qantas’ relationship with the Smartek Team is positive and we will continue to work together long term, continually streamlining processes and improving our compliance results."

Senior Safety Advisor Safety Programs
Danielle Graham
Great software is expected, great support is Smartek

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